Zac Ray – Young Endeavour

Zac Ray - Young Endeavour

Zac Ray was welcomed by President Gail and spoke on his adventures with the Sea Shepherd Foundation and his aim to be a crew member on the “Young Endeavour” together with 20 other young people in their voyage in March 2020 from Geelong to Melbourne. Zac completed Year 12 at Parade College, Bundoora a few days beforehand and had to hurry from our meeting to his job at Coles, stacking shelves. There was much to like about this young man.

His enthusiasm was infectious. He liked working with animals and people. He has worked as a volunteer and mentor with the Edmund Rice Foundation camps in Lower Plenty providing supervised support for young refugee and disabled people. He started as a volunteer with Sea Shepherd 3 years ago conducting tours of the “Steve Irwin” in Melbourne and marketing merchandise and fundraising.

His dream was always to be part of a crew on one of the 13 ships of the sea Shepherd Fleet but had never been to sea. His commitment was unabated notwithstanding Peter T’s enquiry as to whether he would be taking “Quells” with him (a commodity unknown to Zac!).

Zac reported that the “Young Endeavour” is a sailing ship donated by the Royal Navy to the Royal Australian Navy and crewed by professional RAN personnel (and volunteers). The trip would cost “a couple of thousand dollars” but Zac had his part time job and help from others to put towards the cost. Zac’s aim was to complete a degree at RMIT in Environmental Science but he would probably take a “gap” year to work with Sea Shepherd. Zac agreed to return to the Club to tell of his experiences on the Young Endeavour. President Gail cast a maternal eye over our young salt which may result in a significant assist in his endeavours. Zac was then off to Coles to replenish the shelves.

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