The Mercy Hospital Breast Milk Program

On Tuesday March 11th four Rosanna Rotarians accompanied Helen Clancy (wife of District Governor Phillip Clancy) to the Mercy Hospital to present a cheque for $1,000.00 to the Mercy Breast Milk Program.

This cause is the special project of Helen Clancy for this year.  We were grateful to Helen for her inclusion of Yevonne Pollock in the hand over.  Yevonne is our Community Services Committee Chair.

Gavan Woinarski as the Manager of The Mercy Health Foundation took our small party of Peter and Ruth Little, John & Yevonne Pollock and Helen Clancy to the 6th floor of the Mercy where the staff carry out quite complicated procedures to recruit, donors, collect milk, process it, store it and then distribute it mothers who are unable to satisfactorily feed their own children.

Gavan Woinarski is pictured with Yevonne.

Kerri Mc. Egan who staffs and manages the program told us that the Mercy program is by far the largest and most comprehensive in Australia.

Pictured with Yevonne are Helen Clancy and Kerry McEgan, Nurse Unit Manager of Breast Milk Bank, Mercy Hospital.