Ryder-Cheshire Victorian Homes Foundation Inc

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As many of you know, Ryder-Cheshire provides low-cost accommodation for country and interstate people coming to Melbourne for treatment for cancer, kidney disease and many other debilitating illnesses.

Over the years our club has supported Ryder-Cheshire in many ways, with perhaps the most recent support coming from our past member Ron McLaughlan with the purchase of TV sets for each room, however the Homes is now in dire need of assistance by way of volunteers and they are now seeking our help in finding a volunteer or two to act in a receptionist capacity on weekends.

With the exception of the Day Manager (Angie Brewer) and Resident Carer (Sister Jane Gorey) all the support staff are volunteers. At the present time, three of their volunteers are overseas on leave, their two previous resident volunteers (students from LaTrobe University) have now left (one to return home to get married and the other for full-time employment) so volunteer staff are a little thin on the ground. And while they still do have some volunteers on call, Sister Jane has had to step into the breech on weekends when she should be enjoying her own personal time.

If any member knows of someone, perhaps a friend or relative who can give up one day of a weekend to assist, the Homes would be very grateful. Any volunteers will be fully trained in the use of the PC based residential booking system.

If the weekend is not practical, but a week day is, the volunteer roster may be able to be adjusted to cope.

If anyone can help, please contact Don Hamilton on 0418 374 927 or 9857 4289