Rotary International Committee and Foundation Committee

International Service 2019-2020

Annually, The Rotary Club of Rosanna makes a contribution on behalf of every member to Rotary Foundation Our donation has been forwarded.

Our Rotary International plans for the year took into account that the Club was looking to support more local projects, funds available, continuation of past annual donation commitments and possible identification of International projects worthy of support.

The Bali Scholarships which amounted to approximately $900 were awarded These were the Ron McLaughlin Memorial Scholarships at Nyah Kuning Elementary School and the Ruth Little Rosanna Scholarships at Lotunduh Elementary School.The Scholarship awards proceeded at the usual time despite the Covid epidemic.

The Board also approved a donation of  $1000 to the Bali book programme with purchase of books and Teachers Aids to be be at the discretion of the Balinese Headmaster who has proven to be an excellent administrator. The club has not paid the money for the books because the book program has not gone ahead this June because of the school closures associated with the Covid epidemic and the impossibility of obtaining booklists and quotes from the headmaster at the usual time.

A project has been identified at an Apex School in Pakistan(Apex is a system of Education). The Rotary Club of Rosanna was introduced to the school by the Rotary Club of Rawalpindi and Peter and Ruth Little have donated furniture in the form of desks etc., in the past. Peter Little is at present setting in place a RAWCS application related to providing desks and chairs for new classrooms which the school has managed to construct. This will proceed in two phases and involve a $1000 donation from Rosanna Rotary each phase along with a substantial donation from Peter Little, donations from other donors and also another local

Rotary Club which has come on board. The delivery is planned to be overseen by The Rotary Club of Rawalpindi.


Rotary International Committee and Foundation Committee

International Service 2016-2017

The International and Foundation Committees objectives for the year were to examine and continue where appropriate, projects and donations in train from the previous year and to consider other possible areas of need for further projects
The major project in which our club was involved was facilitated very competently by the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central. This project involved the provision of toilet facilities for eleven Schools in India. This project is shared with Rotary Clubs in India and particularly relevant to the retention rate in schools of female students.

Our seeding donation was provided in the previous Rotary year and this linked with various funding grants organized by Box Hill Central has allowed this project to proceed. The construction works are due to be completed by the end of this year and the educational hygiene program WASH is expected to be completed in the next 2 years.

Our Committee is endeavouring to monitor the project and gain as much knowledge as possible in our collaboration with the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central to enable us to facilitate further projects.

The Board of The Rotary Club of Rosanna considered and approved our requests for the continued funding of :

  • Grade 6 scholarships of $895 to each Nyah Kuning and Lodtunda Elementary schools in Bali.
  • Provision of text books for Lodtunda Elementary School $1500
  • A donation of one Shelter Box to Shelter Box Australia $1000
  • The Board also approved a donation of $1500 to Rotary Against Malaria to sufficiently rid predisposing factors to Malaria in one village in Timor Leste .
  • This area of need was isolated as worthy of consideration by committee member Ruth Stapleton
  • The Board also approved a donation of $2500 to match a generous donation from Past District Governor Ron Pearce to ROMAC
  • In relation to Rotary Foundation the Board approved a request from the Committee to donate $100 per member (33 members including Honorary members) to the Foundation as annual donation

All objectives were achieved with the support and assistance of President Sandra Bartelt and her Board

Don Munro
International & Foundation Chair


Bali Projects

For more information about the projects below, click on the page links.

Provision of School Books for Nyuh Kuning Elementary School, Ubud, Bali.

Ron McLaughlan Memorial Scholarships

Scholarship Awards to Lodtunduh Elementary School, Ubud, Bali



PP Ron Dickson (Deputy Chairperson), PP Don Hamilton, PP Noel Henry, Rtn Ian McLaughlan, PP Peter Tragardh

Lodtunduh Elementary School in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia $800:

Provision of curriculum books for 150 students who had not had new curriculum syllabus books for six years. 40% of the families of these students are registered as being in the ‘low socio-economic’ group. Average cost of a set of curriculum books per student … $5.35

Six-Toilet Block complex at Saraswati Shishu Mandir Junior School India $2,040:

A joint project with the Rotary eClub District 3170 India under the local coordination of PE (Dr) Nischal Pandey. Representatives of D3120 and D3250 were also in attendance at the inauguration on 15/11/14. A marble plaque has been placed on the wall acknowledging the Rotary Club of Rosanna in both English and Hindi. A report was sent to the Prime Minister of India, the Hon. Narendra Modi.
There were no toilets in this elementary school in the remote village of Dokati, Uttar-Pradesh, NE India attended by 400+ students and 10 teachers. Now, each female student will no longer lose two months of education or drop out of school altogether nor will the students be denied two months of tuition from their female teachers. Their safety is also assured.

Aquabox 30 $750:

This will dispense 30,000 litres of potable drinking water during a catastrophic disaster in which the supply of clean water is interrupted.

Disaster Aid Australia Family Relief Box $800:

Such includes the largest humanitarian aid tent available or a tarpaulin along with blankets, malaria nets, cooking and eating utensils and a set of builder’s tools. Our Box had been dispatched to the Indian depot and was sent to Nepal following the catastrophic earthquake.

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) $2,000:

Our donation will enable the purchase of 375 Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLIN) protecting at least 750 people for 4 – 5 years in Papua New Guinea or Timor-Leste where these nets have directly resulted in a significant reduction in the number of reported malaria cases.

Nyuh Kuning Elementary School in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. $400:

Grade 6 Scholarships These were presented on 13/12/14 and 13/06/15 to the top three students.
The Dux of the School will receive the Ron McLaughlan Memorial Scholarship.
The CP of the Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak, Dr Patrick van Kampen, presented the scholarships on our behalf this year.

Vanuatu Cyclone Relief $1,001.77: $601.77

Donated to RNZWCS for purchase of an Emergency Relief Kit and $400 to District 9790 Appeal

Nalauwaki Kindergarten and Stream Box Projects Fiji $1,000

:A project of the Rotary Club of Milawa Oxley under the direct supervision of Rtn Colin Dayman

ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children) $1,000

Lodtunduh Elementary School in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia $300:

Grade 6 Scholarships These were presented on 12/06/15.

District 9830 RAWCS Project for Nepal Earthquake Relief $4,000


It has been a pleasure, honour and privilege to have been Chairperson of the International Service Committee. I wish to extend my deep gratitude and appreciation to PP Ron Dickson who so willingly and ably accepted the role of Acting Chairperson during my Leave of Absence.

Thank you to the Board of Directors for supporting our proposals and, most importantly, thank you to all the Club members who work so hard to raise the funds to enable us to Make Dreams Real, Build Communities and Bridge Continents all whilst we Light Up Rotary.

The Rotary Club of Rosanna is indeed a ‘Gift to the World’

ROTARY FOUNDATION Report 2014-2015

Committee: PDG Ron Pearce, PP Don Hamilton, PP Don Munro.


Encourage club contributions to Foundation Fund, Support Polio Plus and Rotary Peace & Educational Programmes

Polio Plus ($2000):

World Polio Day: 24 October 2014, Livestream event, including a global update on the current status of polio eradication to be shown at the Rosanna meeting Oct. 29th. Donation presented through Ruth Stapleton who explained the donation through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would grow to $6000. Ruth then also thanked her friend Dr. Loretta Gya whose work and donation in this area was recognised on the night by a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition presented by Ron Pearce.

DG’s Partner’s Project:

Member EREY donations totaled $1500 for the year.

Rotary Peace Fellowships and Studies ($2500):

From the insight and inspiration gained from meeting with Naing Ko Ko, a Rotary Peace Fellowship recipient and passed on by Ros, the Board agreed that the Club donate $2500 to the Rotary Foundation to be directed to the Rotary Peace Fellowships. Approval was also given to sponsor Naing Ko Ko to come to our club from Canberra and address a special meeting about his life and his Rotary fellowship. Two main purposes of inviting him to visit us: to encourage individual Rotary Clubs and individual Rotarians to donate to the Foundation fund so that Peace Studies Scholarships can continue and to advertise to tertiary institutions and students the opportunities to apply for scholarships and fellowships in Peace Studies.

Ros Smith, Former Chairperson


Rotary Foundation 2013-2014

The Foundation committee made up of PP Bill O’Halloran , Ruth Little and PDG Ron Pearce operated under difficulty with Ron being absent due to illness for 6 months of the year.

However – Due to the untiring efforts of Ruth assisted by Bill the Foundation Committee was able to arrange for a donation of $5,700.00. to the Rotary Foundation, this amount was designated for Polio Plus to assist Rotary Foundation reach its annual contributions as part of the agreement with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative [GPEI] .

Rotary international along with the World health organization, UNICEF, US Centres for Disease control and Prevention, and the Gates Foundation are partners in the GPEI . In addition to contributing over US$9 billion to the GPEI Rotary has helped secure over US$9 billion from donor governments since the initiative began in 1988.

In November, Rotary Foundation Month, we had PDG Peter Gilbert speak to the club on Foundation developments particularly in the changes to GSE and foundation Grants.

At the club’s 40th Anniversary meeting presentations of PHF’s were made to PP Don Hamilton [ sapphire} and to Rob Patton Co – Ordinator at Banyule Community and Health, for Aboriginal Affairs.

The committee thanks the Board and members for their continued support to the Rotary’s most active and successful Foundation.

PDG RON PEARCE, Chairperson



Seven projects were successfully completed.


Asylum Refugees Bridging Support $2,000

Working with Claire Foreman, Red Cross Caseworker for the Bridging Support Program, $2,000 purchased 14 x 80 piece kitchen starter sets ($1,005); Manchester items: 10 single quilts, 25 double quilts and 80 pillows ($795); individual cutlery sets for 40 persons ($200); 16 toiletry bags were donated by members and partners; 100 toothbrushes and toothpastes were donated by PP Don Munro

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) $2,500

625 Long Life Insecticide Treated Nets (LLIN) were purchased for Timor-Leste. Ruth Stapleton travelled to Timor-Leste in May with a RAWCS team of seven other Rotarians from NSW to witness the distribution process and participate in the distribution of nets in the rural community of Maubara.

ShelterBox $1,000

One ShelterBox was purchased in response to the Syrian Refugee crisis. Aquabox 30 $750: One Aquabox 30 was purchased in response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

PDG David Anderson’s Partner’s Project, “Possum’s Project’ in Papua New Guinea

A cheque for $2,000 was presented to PDG David Anderson on 23 October 2014 following a Guest Speaker presentation by two Directors of The Highlands Foundation with whom PDG David’s project is now affiliated.

The School of St Jude Tanzania: $1,000

This money enabled the teachers at The School of St Jude to purchase a large quantity of highly desirable educational aids which they could not afford. Ruth Stapleton attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Croydon when the Founding Director, Gemma Sisia, was the Guest Speaker. She spoke of the value these items had given the teachers and the students.

Nyuh Kuning Elementary School, Bali, Indonesia: $2,000

This money enabled the purchasing of every curriculum book for each of the 106 elementary school students. $200 was allocated to the midyear Grade 6 scholarships. Rotarian Peter Little personally presented these on 14 December 2014. $300 will be presented to the end-of-year Grade 6 scholarships winners, including the Dux of School, on 14 June 2014. I will personally make the presentations on behalf of the Club.

A Message from Ruth Stapleton

I humbly and most gratefully thank my enthusiastic and committed Committee members for guiding me through my first role as a Group A Chairperson. It has indeed been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as the Chairperson of the International Service Committee 2013-2014.