Rosanna Rotarians Generousity



The generosity of some people just continues to flow. I am pleased to say a big thank you and well done to Peter and Ruth for their kind private donation in Pakistan.

Susanne Rae OAM, founder and Di- rector of the World’s Greatest Meal Project to help end Polio is at present living in Islamabad, close to the few remaining areas of Polio. There was a unique opportunity to organise, with Susanne, a small project in that area. A local school, The Apex School, had been identified via a local Rotary Club as needing assistance. With 190 students but little in furniture, the school functioned with children sitting on the floor or outside on the ground.

Rather than buy each other Christmas presents, Peter and Ruth decided to donate the funds towards the purchase of desks and chairs for the school. Susanne, with the help of her assistant, Rtn Nauman Abbasi, they identified a supplier, the Headmistress and Teachers chose the furniture and within 10 days of conceiving the project, the furniture for 110 children was delivered and in use.

Thanks to Nauman, the project came in under budget and the surplus was applied towards dictionaries and books for the school.

Congratulations to all involved, especially to Peter and Ruth for the ‘Service Above Self’ approach.

Ian Bushby