Pride of Workmanship Award

Fiona Kriaris pride of workmanship award


Last night during dinner I sat with Fiona Kriaris, our “Pride of Workmanship Award” winner and Nadine Kemp, her replacement manager at the Banyule- Macleod YMCA.  I explained some of the work the club had completed and is still doing in the district and internationally since I’ve been a member.  Fiona kept expressing her surprise that such a small group could have done so much for so long that she was totally unaware of in her own neighbourhood.

Nadine, without prompting, wondered whether Rotary and the YMCA could take an interest in a joint project for the ageing population of Banyule?

When Peter finished his presentation Fiona had tears in her eyes. To say she was astonished by the size, the scope, the length of the project and the commitment of individuals and the club to Taman Permati Hati would be an understatement.

But the response wasn’t all just in one direction. At the end of the evening two rotarians and one partner spoke to me about the possibility of having a look at the Macleod set up with a view to finding a suitable program for themselves.


Isn’t it great to discover what our own community offers to all of us?


John Pollock