Presidents Report – November 4th


Dear Rotarians and Friends,

The important work of our Committees was on display this week and I look forward to reading and hearing about the re- ports at our next Board meeting.

Our meeting this week has a local focus on the Rosanna Fire Station which has been turned into a local community training centre. We need a good roll up and lots of questions as we ponder on whether their centre is worthy of our support. Please come along and support your Club and help decide some future directions. Also this week we will distribute bags for members to put together some hampers for Brother Harry to distribute to the less fortunate people within the area. We would like to see members bring at least two bags each and hopeful- ly we can give the 60+ bags of foodstuffs for the local community.

Our January meetings have now been sorted and we will share that information in the coming weeks. Thank you to those who provided feedback, much appreciated.

There has been little movement on the Conference front so PLEASE let Merle know if you are intending to go. Accommodation needs to be confirmed and other dining arrangements need to be taken care of.

Please remember, if you are shown on Roster then it’s your responsibility to do the job or if you are unable, then please arrange a replacement for the Roster. Thanks again to the early birds who set up last week, much appreciated.

Remember our theme as we go about our daily business – ‘Making a Difference’ – a motto that I have no doubt we can all live up to.

Yours in Rotary, Ian Bushby