Presidents Report – 7th Feb 2018

Ian Bushby rosanna rotary president 2017-2018

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Our gathering last whilst low in number was high on quality! 22 members and partners descended on the Old England where we were fortunate to be given a nice quiet and relatively private area. Thank you to those who were able to make it.

This week our nomadic ways comes to an end as we return to our traditional haunts, the Austrian Club. This week is scheduled for committee meetings and clean up our house as we rock into the second half of the Rotary year.

The Optometrist that I see has donated 7 full cartons of second hand glasses and sunglasses that will go off to the District Donations in Kind and be used as part of a Rotary Health project. A big thanks to Chris Hopkins who has kindly offered to take then to DIK Footscray on behalf of the Club.

Thanks to Peter Tragardh for his kind donation of $160 to Rotary Foundation being the proceeds of his televi- sion auction a couple of weeks ago at our gathering in his home.

My apologies for not being present at the market but a pressing family health matter takes us to Albury/ Wodonga at the weekend. With the last 2 markets on downers I trust the current market will help make up for our losses. Should be a good weather day as well.

Merle is looking at another Fellowship outing and hope- fully some further details will be forthcoming this week for members to consider.

There is still a lot of work do, so……

Remember our theme as we go about our daily busi- ness – ‘Making a Difference’ – a motto that I have no doubt we can all live up to.

Yours in Rotary,
Ian Bushby