Presidents Report – 2nd December

Ian Bushby rosanna rotary president 2017-2018

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

The first half of the Rotary year is rapidly drawing to a close with only 2 meetings left for us.

Congratulations to Merle on her confirmation as President Elect status for 2018-2019 and to Florin as President Elect Nominee for 2019-2020. It seems an awfully long way off! It will come around much quicker than you expect.

There is a lot of work to do over the next couple of weeks. We have the Ralph Razzagon Award this coming week and then our Christmas function on December 13. Thanks to Merle for some more great organizing.

Please bring your hamper bags to the next meeting for collection as Neil prepares for their distribution to Brother Harry during the following week. Please do your best to fill the bags (and add more if you wish), and provide some much needed support to the local area.

Our January meetings are sorted as follows:
• January 10 – Nats Place, 1312 Plenty Road BUNDOORA – normal meeting with Committee meetings
• January 17 – Pizza’s at Pete’s – an evening with Peter and Sue Tragardh
• January 24 – An evening at Glenda Coswello’s
• January 31 – Social evening at Sir Henry Barkly Hotel
• February 7 – Return to Austrian Club (Committee Meetings)
Further details to be provided in due course.

Please remember, if you are shown on the Roster then it’s your responsibility to do the job, or, if you are unable, please arrange a replacement for the Roster. Thanks again to the early birds who set up last week; much appreciated!

Remember our theme as we go about our daily business –
‘Making a Difference’ – a motto that I have no doubt we can all live up to.

Yours in Rotary, Ian Bushby.