Presidents Report 21st Feb. 2018

Ian Bushby rosanna rotary president 2017-2018

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

As we saw and heard last week, often the stories that our own members can share about their own experiences offer a great deal more entertainment and information than we expect. Well done to Chris for his great presentation last week and clearly has lead a very fulfilling and rewarding life!

PDG Peter Gilbert who spoke with us about the Rotary Foundation and their proposal for Foundation Benefactor status with a pledge of $US10,000 has sent me the required form and instructions. Should any member wish to avail themselves to the pledge, please let me know and I am happy to pass on a copy.

Next week we will hear from David Dyson, principal of  Financial  Life  Balance  in  Ivanhoe.  David  has some very important messages about whole of life planning that he will share with us and give everyone something to consider in your thinking.

Conference is fast approaching so PLEASE remember to register at Try Booking. Reserving the room via Merle is not registering for Conference.

Don’t forget that the Footy Tipping is on again!! Please help to get bigger numbers into the competition, please ask your reli’s, neighbours, friends or people you meet in the street! The more the better, We are not so fussy about who joins. We desperately need more people in the competition.

There is still a lot of work do, so…… Remember our theme as we go about our daily business – ‘Making a Difference’ –  a motto that I have no doubt we can all live up to.

Yours in Rotary,

Ian Bushby