Presidents Report – 14th February 2018


Dear Rotarians and Friends,

It’s great to be back in our regular spot that enables us to return to what we are in Rotary to do… serve others. Committee meetings were well attended and I trust that progress can be made in our second half on the many projects and initiatives in your plans.

With our nomadic ways over, this week we see our first guest speaker for 2018. PDG Peter Gilbert will speak with us about the Rotary Foundation and their million dollar dinner, which may not be what you think it, so come along and hear the great news about the foundation and their great work. If you can, please bring along some friends to enjoy some great fellowship and help them gain an understanding of our own charity in the Rotary Foundation.

What a fabulous market we had last week! Clearly, the combination of two low markets due to extreme weather, a fine day with pent up demand helped to fuel the in- creased numbers and income. Hopefully, we can continue with our March market.

It was nice to see Evelyn again and thanks to Glenda for introducing Evelyn to Rotary. We will make progress on this as quickly as we are able to.

Well folks, the Footy Tipping is on again! Please help to get bigger numbers into the competition, please ask your reli’s, neighbours, friends or people you meet in the street! The more the better; we are not so fussy about who joins. We attach the flier for your promotional efforts.

There is still a lot of work do, so….

Remember our theme as we go about our daily business – ‘Making a Difference’ – a motto that I have no doubt we can all live up to.

Yours in Rotary,
Ian Bushby

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