Presidents Report 13th June 2018

Ian Bushby rosanna rotary president 2017-2018

Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Another GREAT week at the Rotary Club of Rosanna! It may have been the final Committee meetings for the current year, but judging by the chatter and enthusiasm, it appears that the next Rotary year will be even better!
Gauging by members’ reactions a couple of weeks ago, there is no doubt that Jodie proved to be a great hit and a worthwhile project, to which we could and should provide some support. The Big Group Hug are a wonderful group of dedicated people who deserve all the help that can be given to them. At the impromptu Board meeting held last week, it was resolved that we donate $5000 to this group which will be presented at Changeover with Jodie as our special guest.
The Market is becoming as issue for as the income slowly drops and the market gets tougher. The numbers continue to reduce and it’s obvious that we either find some ways to boost the market or some new avenues of revenue will be required. Please give it some thought as we head into the new Rotary year.
I am pleased to say that we have a President Elect Nominee for President 2019/2020. Whilst it still needs to be ratified by the Club, Gail Robertson has offered to ‘take up to the challenge’.
Thanks to Gail and we look forward to your leadership!
Our meeting this week will be focusing on Horticultural Therapy and Sensory Gardens with Steven Wells as our guest. As always, partners are most welcome, for the 6pm for 6.30pm start. In addition, this week we will see the award of the Jim Lloyd Award to the apprentice plumber from Melbourne Polytechnic.
Not many weeks to go, we need to make every item count as we complete a good Rotary year. We’re not
there yet, but we are in a winning position so let’s keep up the hard work and remember our theme as we go about our daily business – ‘Making a Difference’ – a motto that I have no doubt we are all living up to.
Yours in Rotary,
Ian Bushby