Peter Cummings- Stroke Foundation Speaker

Peter Cummins

Peter Cummins spoke to us about strokes. His presentation took three headings addressing the issues of Prevention, Impact and Lifestyle. After describing the nature of strokes he went on to point out that they are the second biggest killer and the leading cause of disability in the nation. One in six of us will suffer a stroke.

The good news is that the risk can be reduced if you do these things

  • lower blood pressure
  • avoid tobacco smoke
  • reduce blood cholesterol
  • control diabetes
  • maintain healthy weight
  • make healthy food choices
  • be physically active
  • limit alcohol intake
  • control irregular heart rates.

He pointed out that The Stroke Foundation, The Heart Foundation and The Diabetes Foundation all say the same thing.

Finally he showed us the FAST acronym for dealing with possible stroke victims. There is a small window of opportunity to reduce the impact of strokes by prompt medical treatment. So a quick call to 000 may well make a huge difference.

Reporter ‐ John Pollock