Rotary 9790 District Conference at Mulwala

Craig Lapsley EMV

Craig Lapsley

Victoria's inaugural Emergency Management Commissioner.

He began his career as a Junior with Bendigo Fire Brigade whilst his father Vince was the Bendigo Fire Brigade's OIC before moving to the Brigade's Volunteer ranks then into his career with CFA Operational staff.

Craig was appointed as Victoria’s first and only Fire Services Commissioner in 2010 before taking up his present appointment in July 2014

Professor Nicola Lautenschlauger

Professor Nicola Lautenschlauger

Professor Nicola Lautenschlauger has been Professor in Old Age Psychiatry and Deputy Head of School at the University of Western Australia, and the University of Melbourne's Professor of Old Age Psychiatry. She is currently the Director of Research for the North Western Mental Health, Aged Persons Mental Health Program where her current research focus is diagnosis

of cognitive impairment and intervention trials for older adults to improve mental health outcomes.


Greg Champion

Greg Champion is an Australian songwriter, guitarist, radio personality and athlete. Born in Benalla, Victoria, Champion is most recognised for his work as part of the Coodabeen Champions as a songwriter and guitarist.

Priscilla Rogers PhD

Priscilla Rogers PhD

Priscilla Rogers PhD is currently Vice President at Wintermute Biomedical, a US biopharmaceutical company developing a next-generation antibiotic to combat antimicrobial resistance. Prior to this she was leading the Cognitive Health & Life Sciences portfolio at IBM Research - Australia and co-owner of a medical device company. From a single parent home Yarrawonga, this former Rotary Exchange Student says that the Yarrawonga-Mulwala Rotary Club and District 9790 not just shaped her career, but also prepared her for life’s adventures.

Dr Robert Webster OAM

Dr Robert Webster OAM

Dr Robert Webster OAM is President of the Victorian Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia, having been an executive since 1989, and Director of Vasey RSL Care since 2004.

He received the Medal of the Order of

Australia, in the Australia Day 2017

Awards, for service to veterans and their families and to the community of Victoria.

Kate Austin, founder of Pinchapoo

Kate Austin

Kate Austin, founder of Pinchapoo, is proudly responsible for creating a cheeky hotel toiletry ‘pinching’ movement eight years ago… and has redistributed more than 1 MILLION personal hygiene products to thousands of disadvantaged men, women and children around Australia

Kristin Graham ANZAC PhD Scholar

Kristin Graham

Kristin Graham is the Australian Rotary Health Foundation’s inaugural ANZAC PhD Scholar at the Centre for Traumatic Studies, University of Adelaide.  She has studied the relationship between war-related trauma exposure and the

development and progression of physical and mental health of military personnel, to identify risk and protective factors that may affect symptoms of illness and resilience.


Ron Iddles

Ron Iddles is a former Australian police detective. His conviction rate was 99% and he was dubbed "Australia's greatest detective". After a career spanning some 43 years investigating serious crime, he took up the role of Secretary of the Police Association of Victoria between 2014 and 2016.  In 2017 he was lured out of retirement and is now Victoria's inaugural Community Safety Trustee.

sam bailey quadriplegic

Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey is a quadriplegic who has conquered his disability to become a successful farmer, ultralight pilot, best- selling author and role model for children.

He wants to become the first quadriplegic in the world to fly a helicopter and use it to inspire children to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles they encounter.


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