New Computers at Rosanna Fire Station Community House

The Rotary Club of Rosanna recently applied for a Grant through the Stronger Communities Programme from our Federal Member for Jagajaja office Kate Thwaites.

This grant would provide 50% of a total project that would improve local community participation and contribute to vibrant and viable communities.

We applied for a grant to buy 8 new computers for their computer classes taught at the centre. The Rosanna Fire Station Community House  provides opportunities for all to learn, teach, make friends and give mutual support in an ethnically diverse, comfortable, accepting and co-operative environment.

the total project cost of project was $8000 and the grant was approved giving the club $4000 to buy the computers, a new printer for the computer room and 8 manuals to teach Microsoft Office 365 Level 1 & 2.

Without the Rotary Club of Rosanna and willing members to make things happen, this would not have been possible. Thanks to everyone involved.


Computers at Rosanna Fire Station Community House1
Computers at Rosanna Fire Station Community House1

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