Membership Report June 2019

Unfortunately we lost two members during the year. Rotarian Ruth Stapleton passed away after a long battle with cancer and Rotarian Chris Bence chose to return to his previous community project working with troubled youth. Both members were a loss to our Club as Ruth had been very committed to international projects around the world both privately and with our Club and she certainly expanded our Club knowledge of the wide world of Rotary International.

Chris was with the Club for a short period and made an immediate impact within the Club.

During the year we had three prospects but unfortunately we were unable to convert to new members.

As a Club we need to review our modus operandi and this covers areas, but not limited to, meeting protocols and agendas, guest speakers, interaction with other Clubs and the need to become closer to our community to understand our community as well as seek opportunities for new members to present a membership base reflective of our community.

In conjunction with incoming President Gail we are preparing an operations manual to further assist members on rights and responsibilities which is also being introduced in other districts.

In conclusion it was a disappointing year for membership but we should not despair as our Club is achieving recognition through BBQs with Bunnings and Polytech and fortunately members are supporting these projects.

Membership Chair
Neil Watt P.P.

Membership Report June 2019

For the 11 months to May 2019, the club’s attendance averaged 69.76%.  This was slightly down on last year’s attendance of 72.82% for the comparable 11 months period.

Our best attendance month for the year was 86% in May and our lowest was 50.00% in September 2018.

With RI’s attendance requirement now at 50% it is understandable that our attendance rates are lower than they once were, but we should not lose sight of the fact that continued attendance does promote ongoing fellowship and a sense of belonging.

Congratulations to those members who achieved 100% attendance for this Rotary year:

Ian Bushby, Glenda Coswello-McCracken, Don Hamilton, Chris Hopkins, Gail Robertson, Brian Summers and Peter Tragardh.

Make Ups

Our attendance at the monthly Farmers Market provides the most opportunities for make ups, but attendance at District Conference, making up at other clubs, attendance at the Rotary Leadership Institute to name but a few also provides make up opportunities.  We are also fortunate to run ‘Sausage Sizzles’ at Bunnings at Northland which also gives members the opportunity to add to their make ups.

Again, our make up ‘King’ for 2018-2019 was Brian Summers who recorded four make ups for the year.  However, before I get challenged by those members who advised more than four make ups, a make up is only counted as such if it replaces a meeting missed 13 days before or after the meeting date.

Don Hamilton
Attendance Officer

Sergeant’s Report June 2019

It has been an interesting year from a Sergeant’s perspective. Our Club tends to be well behaved and does not require policing, allowing the Sergeant to focus more on the positive aspects, such as happy dollars. I am happy to report that to date (12 June 2019) we have raised a total of $2212.20, which we can all agree goes a long way.

On 6 September the happy dollar amount was $204.90 – an all time Club record! The least happy dollar situation took place the prior meeting, on 30 August. Those cold winter days tend to have that effect. The average amount is a respectable $53.96.

This goes to show you the importance of each happy moment that our members share with our club. I am thankful for your generosity and wish all members many happy moments they can brag about.


Florin Pintilie

Program Report June 2017

A varied weekly program was achieved with the help of members offering suggested speakers. In a small club it is not easy to attract high profile speakers for limited audience numbers.

A mix of addresses this year came from Doctors, Rotarians within and outside the club and even from a Q.C. Topics ranged from Malaria, Prostate problems ,East Timor, Health and Longevity and even Real Estate. We heard of many Rotary Projects, some worldwide with opportunities for our club to assist.

Club Members entertained with “Person behind the badge” talks in addition to Story Tellers where speakers had  free choice topics.

A Trivia Night including partners was well received. More are planned for the new Rotary Year.

Group visits by clubs to organisations are a wonderful way of gaining information and will be sourced this year for suitable  opportunities.

Due to renovations at The Austrian Club four meetings during January were transferred to local hotels and restaurants.

Finally a big thank you to Ruth Stapleton for preparing personalised Guest Speaker “Presentation Appreciation “ certificates when required.

Any member who can suggest possible future Guest Speakers please contact me as this will be the third successive year I have organised programs . Others who in the past who have performed the task will know how difficult it can be at times without assistance

Peter Tragardh.

Program Chair

Membership Report June 2017

Our Club inducted two members this year. Namely Gail and Florin.

Gail brings District and Club presidential skills evolved over 25 years of membership in other Clubs and Florin developed his interest in Rotary initially as an exchange student from Romania in USA.

We are confident they will add stimulis and diversity.

Unfortunately we lost two of our newer members and sadly we have accepted resignations from four longer term  past members three of whom were Past Presidents.

The  result for the year was a nett loss of four with an active membership list of 26.

Like most organisations membership retention and development is an ongoing challenge but I know our proud history will ensure we are up to the challenge.

Neil Watt

Membership Chair

Farmers Market Committee Report

The Market still remains our main source of income to fund our projects. The Market has been down in both stall and customer numbers, but after a change in direction from the owner management, changes are being made in various areas which we hope will reinstate the market. The May market had an increase in the number of stallholders and it is hoped the customer base will increase.

The Club must continue to support the market and hope that in due course it customer numbers will grow. We have been fortunate that the BBQ has been busy in other areas, such as Council and Educational functions. The future looks  good in these areas of activity for ongoing bookings in the future

Brian Summers

Market Committee Chair

Attendance Report

For the 10 months from July 2016 to April 2017, the club’s attendances averaged 74.61%.  This was up on last year’s attendance of 65.5% for the comparable 10 months period.

Our best attendance for the year was 73.84% in November 2016 and our lowest was 57.00% in February 2017.  Interestingly, February was our lowest attendance month last year as well.

While attendance is not given the same emphasis as it was in the 'good old' days, continued attendance does promote ongoing fellowship and a sense of belonging.  Congratulations and well done to the following members who managed a 100% attendance record for the year to April 2017:

Harald Bartelt, Sandra Bartelt, Ian Bushby, Don Hamilton, John Pollock, Brian Summers, Peter Tragardh, Neil Watt and Barrie Williams.


Make Ups

Our BBQ trailer was seen at several venues throughout the year and this, together with our Farmers Market, provided almost all of the make up opportunities for club members.  However it was also noted that several members made up at different clubs and other Rotary events – including District Conference - during the year.  Not only does this keep up our attendance percentages, it also gives members a chance to see how other clubs operate and perhaps bring new ideas back to our club.


Don Hamilton

Attendance Officer

Sergeants Report

With our Fine Sessions continuing in the new format of Happy Dollars members gave $1998.00 during our meetings in the eleven months to the end of May. The Happy Dollar sessions offer member participation which is much better than the previous fining for indiscretions on the night or during the week.

We heard of personal triumphs and achievements during the year, things that many members in the past would not offer to the club.

Patrick our Chef at The Austrian Club did an excellent job in serving the meals at 6.30 PM sharp each night. Some nights meals were on the table before the meeting had started as it is the Sergeants task to organize attendees to be seated prior. This must be remembered by all in future as is the preparation of items for Guest Speakers.

Finally thank you to the Sergeant Assistants during the year, I hope you enjoyed your role as much as I did.

Peter Tragardh

Sergeant Coordinator