Membership growth has again eluded our Club this year. Unfortunately the Corona Virus has severely interrupted face to face meetings and perhaps foiled the induction of two prospective members.

The Cultural and Ethnic Diversity program run by the Banyule Council offered a great opportunity for us to meet with members of that group and perhaps invite guest speakers and even obtain new members which would meet with our objective to ensure our Club membership was more representative of our

Community. Unfortunately these meetings have been suspended during the Covid19 pandemic.

We all have a responsibility to try to identify opportunities for new membership as we must realise that we were initially invited to join the wonderful world of Rotary and become involved in community service, develop new friends and networks and expand our knowledge of the needs of the world around us.

It is vital that we welcome guests whether they be guest speakers or visitors with members to showcase our warmth and highlight our achievements.

As this report is produced we have received an enquiry from an Ivanhoe resident, through our Web site, enquiring about Rotary and following a lengthy telephone conversation he has expressed a wish to attend a meeting.

As we all know it is very difficult at the present time to have face to face contact and although I have promoted the Zoom meetings to him I have offered the opportunity for him to attend our next face to face meeting.

The Membership Committee is currently preparing a strategy to be implemented in the new year which will require all members to take an active roll and this will be put to the Club in early July.

We will have a guest speaker from the Rotary Club of Doncaster to provide guidance and knowledge on membership development in June.


Neil Watt. Membership Chair