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Matthew Grounds Expression audiology

Our speaker for our meeting on 29 August 2018 was Matthew Grounds from Expression Audiology, who delivered a comprehensive talk on types of hearing loss and treatment options. Matthew began by explaining that hearing loss occurs gradually and is either noise induced, or age related, and hereditary factors will influence this. At its onset, people experience problems discriminating speech from other sounds, that is difficulty hearing background noise and the workplace move to working in open plan offices presents its own unique set of challenges with miscommunication of messages at the top of the list.

I think all members took heart with the closing message that technological advances in the future would mean hearing aids will offer significant advantages over current devices including the ability to connect media devices such as phones to hearing aids. The interest in the topic was evident when Matthew fielded a number of questions from the floor.

Matthew Grounds Expression audiology & stan gore

Stan Gore then gave thanks to Matthew for his enlightening talk on hearing and hearing aids.

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