Matt Mullins

Matt Mullins thought he was “bullet proof” until he suffered an acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) in the midst of 6,000 cyclists during the Gran Fondo cycle ride on the Great Ocean Road. We learned that it occurred at the 48 k mark, but to Matt’s incredible good fortune he fell
in the company of four cardiac specialists all of whom just happened to have EPI pens and the skills to perform CPR with them. After 30 minutes paramedics arrived and did a wonderful job. On the advice of one of the specialists he was administered an emergency drug and his heart was restarted. He was then airlifted by helicopter to Geelong Hospital where he was kept in an induced coma for 33 hours before the confusing process of recovery began.
The most telling facts for us were Matt’s urging us to watch for and check the issues that underlie coronary problems and his conviction that our health systems are outstanding, we are surrounded by decency and goodness in our fellows and there are many organisations that deserve our help and support.