Libbi Gorr. …AKA Elle McFeast

Libby-Gore elle McFeast

Our Guest Speaker was the lively entertainer Libbi Gorr, introduced by Uncle Stan Gorr.

Libbi started her talk by saying that family and friends were important to make one have confidence in themselves by knowing that they are loved and accepted for whom they are.

Her career started after secondary school education studying law in the same year as Magda of Kath & Kim fame. Libbi found law not to her liking and started making short films and doing voiceovers for Sportsgirl, Aldi and Bupa (hence her alter ego Elle McFeast).
Libbi as Elle McFeast

She interviewed Chopper Read who was very pleasant and thanked her by offering to come the heavy on anyone who gave her trouble!

A sixth generation Australian on her mother’s side and third on her father’s, the Gorr family was given a great opportunity by Sidney Meyer (a Polish migrant himself) in that he sponsored Libbi’s grandfather as a migrant to Australia, consequently working in orchards around Shepparton, giving the Gorr family a great start in a new country.

Libbi was of the Germaine Greer era and mentioned the changing role of women in society, giving them a broader choice of opportunity. Having two children in her 40’s was certainly life changing, however she has managed to remain true to herself in life and career.

Libbi’s presentation conclusion was that whatever is offered to you by way of friendship or career, however small; take it because it will lead to a better and more fulfilling life.
Ron Jenkins – Reporter