Kel Cocking – Man Behind the Badge

Cocking, Kel

PP Kel was a different story. His parents were boat people who immigrated to Australia from across the ditch in the depression years of the 1930’s. Kel and his brother were brought up in Williamstown and Kel was a lifelong employee of the former State Bank. Various appointments took place around Victoria including an engagement at Bright where Kel’s keys and the Bank’s Locks appeared to be in dispute. Fortunately, all ended well and the burghers of Bright were able to attend to their banking functions. Kel’s banking career ended with his retirement at the Shoppingtown Branch with a staff of 24.

A National Serviceman in the Navy during the 1950’s, Kel was also a survivor of polio at the age of 4. Kel is married to Mary and they have two children. Kel was inducted into the Rotary Club of Rosanna (then Heidelberg North) in 1982 and was President of the Club in 1992. Kel’s presentation started with a reference to Bert Facey’s “A fortunate life”. In the end, that summed it up.