Join Friends of Rotary and Make a Positive Impact in Your Community

friends of rotary

Rotary clubs have long been known for their dedication to community service and making a difference in the world. In recent times, many clubs have introduced a special interest group called “Friends of Rotary” to accommodate individuals who wish to contribute to Rotary projects but may not have the time or financial capacity to become full members. The Friends of Rotary program offers a flexible and inclusive way for people to get involved in great community projects and support the Rotary’s mission.

What is Friends of Rotary?

Friends of Rotary is a unique initiative that allows individuals to engage with Rotary clubs without committing to full membership. It was designed to provide an opportunity for those who want to participate in community projects, attend meetings, and contribute to Rotary activities but might have limitations that prevent them from becoming official members. By registering as a Friend of Rotary, individuals gain access to valuable information and opportunities to make a positive impact in their communities.

The Benefits of Joining Friends of Rotary:

  • Flexibility: As a Friend of Rotary, there is no obligation to attend every meeting or participate in every project. Individuals can contribute as much or as little as their schedule allows, making it suitable for those with busy lives or varying commitments.
  • Weekly Newsletter (The Bulletin): Friends of Rotary receive a copy of the club’s weekly newsletter, The Bulletin. This keeps them informed about ongoing projects, upcoming events, and other club activities, fostering a sense of involvement and connection with the Rotary community.
  • Opportunity to Contribute: Friends of Rotary can actively engage with the club and offer their assistance whenever they see an event or project that interests them. They have the freedom to choose how they wish to support Rotary’s endeavours.
  • Insight into Rotary: Being a Friend of Rotary provides individuals with an inside look at the organisation, its values, and the positive impact it has on communities. This experience may serve as a stepping stone for potential full membership in the future.

How to Get Involved:

To become a Friend of Rotary, interested individuals can complete a simple form, expressing their desire to participate. Upon submission, the club will reach out to them promptly to welcome them into the Friends of Rotary program. From there, they can start attending meetings, receive The Bulletin, and explore ways to contribute to projects and events that align with their interests and availability.


Making a Difference in the Community:

The Friends of Rotary program significantly increases the club’s capacity to undertake larger and more impactful community projects. By involving a diverse group of individuals, including Friends of Rotary, Rotary clubs can harness a broader range of skills, perspectives, and resources to address local and global challenges effectively.

The Friends of Rotary program is a remarkable initiative that welcomes individuals from all walks of life to participate in community projects and support Rotary’s noble mission. It provides an avenue for people who may not have the time or financial means to become full members but still want to make a positive difference in their communities. By joining Friends of Rotary, individuals not only get to contribute meaningfully but also gain valuable insights into Rotary’s values and activities. This experience may even inspire them to consider becoming full members in the future, continuing the cycle of service and making a lasting impact on the world. So, if you’re eager to get involved and contribute to great community projects, don’t hesitate to complete the Friends of Rotary form and embark on this fulfilling journey of service and camaraderie.

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