Ivan Stratov (MB.BS (Melbourne) 1989 and Ph.D (Melbourne) 2005)

Ivan stratov

McLaughlan Shoe Stores had a satisfied customer who ended up being our Guest Speaker on 30th April 2014. Ivan left the store with three pairs of great shoes and also provided us with an insight to the fields of medical research in general and HIV/AIDS in particular as a Senior Research Fellow at Melbourne University and an Infectious Diseases Physician at Knox Private Hospital Wantirna. The first cases of AIDS were reported in 1981 and the virus (HIV) that causes AIDS was identified in 2008. Since 1981, 30 million people have died worldwide from the virus. The source of the virus has not been determined with any degree of certainty although the humble chimpanzee is a person of interest. Although the monkeys appear to be able to live with the virus, since it was transmitted to humans, their ability to do so has been much more problematic. With one exception, no one has been cured of the virus although the successful management has increased exponentially over the past decade. All of which comes at both human and financial cost. 25,000 Australians are presently being treated for the virus with the annual cost of drugs alone (apart from medical and hospital related expenses) being approximately $14,000.00 for each patient. There has been a steady increase in reported cases over recent years. Extensive research has failed to create an effective vaccine to date but this is an ongoing research field. Chair Rona introduced Ivan with the usual McLaughlan flair and Rotarian Peter Little moved the vote of thanks. Reporter – Barrie Williams 30th April 2014