Friends of Rotary

The Friends of Rotary program provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who are interested in contributing to Rotary projects and activities without the full commitment of becoming a formal member. It allows people with limited time or financial resources to still be a part of the Rotary community and support its endeavors.

By being a Friend of Rotary, participants can attend meetings, receive the club's weekly Bulletin to stay informed about ongoing projects, and get involved in events or initiatives they are passionate about. It's a flexible and inclusive way to engage with the club and make a positive impact on the community.

friends of rotary

Additionally, being a Friend of Rotary can offer valuable insights into Rotary's values, activities, and the positive changes it brings to the community. This experience may even inspire individuals to consider becoming full members in the future if they wish to take on a more active and committed role within the organization.

For those who are interested in getting involved and supporting community projects but may not have the means to fully commit to Rotary membership, becoming a Friend of Rotary is a great way to contribute and make a difference.

Completing the Friends of Rotary form is the first step to becoming a part of this meaningful endeavour and being contacted by the club to start their journey as Friends of Rotary.

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