Fresh Fruit Straight from the Orchard

Rieshieck Orchards

Fresh Fruit Straight from the Orchard

Missing the Bundoora and Hurstbridge Farmers Market?

Orchard2u presents our best Pink Lady apples just picked absolutely delicious 😍

New season crisp Royal Gala, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples and pears currently being harvested. No waxes.

Strawberries no sprays being picked daily!

We are introducing organic greens such as mixed salad, spinach, wild roquette, kale, spring onion and herbs such as coriander and parsley.

Contact Rebekah for any deliveries on  0405 040 737 Any other questions and queries please call Georgia on 0416 718 461.

You would remember us from the farmers market with our famous pink lady apples.(Rieschiecks Orchards) If ordering via messenger or text please provide your name, contact number and delivery address and we will confirm your order.

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Prices below:

Strawberries (no sprays) $6-500gr or 1kg for $10

Pink lady apples 2kg bag $10

Royal Gala apples 2kg bag $10

Pears 1.5 kg bag $5

Zucchini’s $6 bag -1kg

Brussel sprouts $6bag 400 gr.

Golden Delicious or Granny Smith just picked $8 for 2kg bag

Organic mixed salad, spinach and wild roquette $5 -100gr packs or  4 items of greens for $16

Kale $5

Spring onion $5

Parsley $5

Coriander $5

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