Farmers Market Saturday 7th September

Don Hamilton standing waiting for customers

"They also serve who stand and wait"

Farmers Market today 12°c, freezing cold wind, pouring rain and standing in mud to collect Gold Coin entrance fees........all for Charity.

It was a normal first Saturday of the month for the members of the Rotary Club of Rosanna. The Farmers Market loomed large as members prepared to fill their usual commitments. The hard working early birds who set up the tents and BBQ trailer at 6:30am were shivering in the early morning cold. They were also sheltering from the incessant rain that had been forecast, and right on time was arriving. But Rotarians are a hardy lot and the Farmers Market is important to the Club as it raises much needed funds for the many calls from the needy on the Club's financial resources.
As the morning wore on and the 8:00am group arrived to take their place the temperature had slowly increased from a freezing 8°C to 10°C on the way to a temperate 12°C! Not really a day to enjoy the outdoors. And so it seemed for both the customers and the stall holders. Many stalls were notable for their absence, and except for the hardy regulars the customers didn't come either...but the rain did.
It was wet, it was cold and as the image shows, it was lonely at the front gate with very little foot traffic to help pass the time with those on duty.
But it was still a good day. Those customers who did come managed to fill their shopping bags and trolleys. The customers at our BBQ trailer got their usual egg and bacon sandwich or sausage on bread (or both) and we still managed to raise some money for those who need our help.
Many thanks to those Rotarians who manage to give service above self, and to those customers who continue to support the market through all weathers.