David Dyson – You & Your Future

David Dyson Financial Planner and Accountant

A business degree graduate from 1984, David spoke both from his accountancy and financial  planning  backgrounds  with the added authority that he was the  2016 Financial Planner of the Year awardee from the Charter Financial Group.

How much do you need by way of super in retirement? It all depends on the lifestyle you seek and when you die but for a couple, $35,000.00 pa will provide a modest lifestyle and $50,000.00 will be more comfortable. Investments should be structured to meet the risk factors which the investor can tolerate and this “comfort” factor was significant in designing  the investment  strategy. Superannuation law and tax benefits were in a constant state of flux and the harsh reality was that the taxpayers were decreasing and the retirement population increasing (2012 4.25 workers for each retiree but by 2050 and the formula would change to 2.5 workers per retiree). And of course, there are the usual multitude of variables! Premature deaths, difficult children, communication with family members as to your wishes and  retirement  arrangements.

The  final  word  of advice. Accept that you will all die and develop a whole of life plan which will evolve and develop as the years progress. The outcomes should be better and it is more likely that you will achieve your nirvana of avoiding sleepless nights.