Darren Squires

darren-squires Assistant Principal Eltham High School

Assistant Principal of Eltham High School, Darren has worked in private and Government Schools. He has held the position as Timetable Daily Organizer, Year level Co-ordinator and Campus Manager. Darren showed us a film about Sugata Mitre, an Indian Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He placed a computer in a wall at the slums of Calcutta. This was to prove that people with little or no formal education are not disadvantaged in learning new technology when given the opportunity. This was in 2002 and uneducated Indians with no previous experience with computers used this to learn English. Amazing how technology educates. Darren has a passion for technology; he helps and prepares students to embrace new technology for their future careers. Schools need to upgrade and invest in new technologies to provide students with the latest equipment to study. Kids are wired into multimedia 24/7 using all the available technology to communicate and study. The new rule is forgetting what you hear but remembering what you see. Although learning is personal and relevant to each student, technology enables them to multi-task. Problem solving and learning with new technology has taken a huge leap forward and teaching young people has changed.

Reporter – Sandra Bartelt April 26, 2014.