Cliff Overton – Public Sculpture Designer/Artist Design

cliff overton

2010-> Public Sculpture Designer/Artist Design and finishing for Halcyon, a 4m high metal sculpture installed in a public park; Renaissance Rise in Mernda; designs for Kinglake West Garden of Reflection including sketches for metal branches, typography design, also design and producing a positive of a sundial/direction plate which was cast in bronze, installation of pieces. 2001-> Freelance Graphic Designer/ Copywriter/ Illustrator Layout, illustration, logo design, and design, copywriting, website design, print broking, type design; includes promotional material for the Nillumbik Open Cellars event and Eltham Jazz, Food & Wine Festival, websites and promotional material for fashion labels; Clockwork Butterfly, Fiona Powell (hats) and Cinderella Bella (shoes). cliff overton speaker at rosanna rotary club-the tree projectCliff Overton was also closely involved with the project from the outset. Cliff’s current vocation is Manager of Corporate Planning and Sustainability at the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. He was born in the UK, came out to Australia as a young child with his parents. He worked for the Country Fire Authority for ten years and also was a volunteer firefighter during that time, including responding to the Black Saturday fires. Shortly after the fires, he found out about the tree project and decided to learn how to blacksmith leaves for the tree. He has been a part of The Tree Project for five years and continues to support the project through fund raising, networking and sourcing supplies and expertise to get the project completed. Cliff suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the personally horrific experiences of Black Saturday and believes his recovery journey was only possible because of the wonderful group of people he has met and worked with on The Tree Project.
Reporter – Ros Smith, 4th June 2014