Brian Smith – reporter sportscaster, and newsreader

Marty introduced Brian Smith our Guest Speaker for the meeting. He told us how Brian had commenced his career as an auto electrician and then moved through a succession of positions in radio and television as a reporter sportscaster, and newsreader. That career, as Brian related it proved to be of great interest to the audience. We heard tales of an industry
and its stars that had held us glued to our screens since 1956. As he spoke and reflected on the changes that have occurred we
marveled at the prominence television had assumed in our lives.

Who in these days when live television seems to consist entirely of someone with a hammer or a cooking pot in their hand imagine the times when Channel 9 had an orchestra and choir to sack?

Perhaps the most poignant of Brian’s observations was that when he was asked recently by an old colleague about the likelihood of a reunion he said that at the rate everyone was falling off twigs it would be possible to hold it in a telephone box.

At the conclusion president Neil thanked Brian and congratulated the program organizers for arranging such an entertaining evening.